There just isn’t a specific answer to your question that I can give in just one comment. ChiChis And Me – We have had the dog for a couple of years now. My Chihuahua’s Health Scare and How I Changed The Outcome, The Number One Mistake People Make When Crate Training, And What To Do Instead, 12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children, Training Your Chihuahua, Part VI, Teaching “Sit”, 10 Training Tips Every Chihuahua Owner Should Know, Secrets Behind Aggressive Behavior in Chihuahuas. This aspect of dog ownership should even extend to the smaller breeds, including the Chihuahua. The appeal? On the other hand, if someone comes near you and he does not become aggressive, praise him, pet him, let him know that you are very pleased with his behavior. Make no mistake, they would much rather lay back and let you do the protecting. My personal favorites would be the stuffing-less furry squirrels that have built-in squeakers. If you need hands-on help, please, please contact a trainer or animal behaviorist in your area for help. To this day, all I have to say is “Squirrel!” and he will go find his toy and bring it to me for me to throw for him. He chose me to be his “favorite human”… but he’s the meanest to me. This is a generic term for a series of easy group-training classes for puppies (often performed at the vet clinic, which has the additional benefit of teaching your dog positive associations with the vet!). There are organizations that can help with veterinarian bills. I’ve been looking into getting him anxiety supplements once I start getting my paycheck to see if he’s anxious or something… but I’d really prefer to not medicate him. You can make this fact clear to him by rewarding him (with treats and lavish praise) for obeying a command, and isolating him (putting him in “time-out”, either outside the house or in a room by himself) for bad behavior. You have no way of knowing if this part of their training was missed. The reason it seems like Chihuahuas bite more than others is not because of the breed, but the owners. If your Chihuahua bites someone, it can result in fines, lawsuits, confiscation of your Chihuahua or even euthanasia. Some pet stores have puppy classes on a regular basis. When owners don’t take their Chihuahuas outside enough, they will attempt to let out their energy in other ways, one is through biting. The process of accustoming your dog to the world and all the strange people (and animals) that it contains is called socialization. While a Chihuahua’s bite will likely not do as much damage as a larger dog, the behavior should still be discouraged. When she went to feed him, i told her to let me. (Incidentally, there can be co-leaders in a group) If you don’t show him from the very beginning that you are the leader of this group, he will feel that he has no choice other than to take on the role himself. Socializing your dog means exposing him from a young age (generally speaking, as soon as he’s had his vaccinations) to a wide variety of new experiences, new people, and new animals. chihuahua barks for attention or to demand something. If he’s really got an overinflated sense of his own importance, he’ll start to act aggressively. Thank you. Keep in mind that to him this is really a very stressful role. People tend to confuse the word obedience […], Socializing and why it’s so important to prevent Chihuahua aggression I can not express the importance of socializing your Chihuahua enough! one time she bite someine in the face. Chihuahuas are prone to acting aggressively for the same reasons any dog may behave aggressively, due to … ad campaign and, more recently, the tendency of rich, attractive and famous young women to haul these small dogs with big attitudes around in stylish and expensive oversized purses. On the other hand, if she is willing and able to really help the little Chihuahua that desperately needs a good home, I would suggest an animal behaviorist. Because the victims of fear bites are typically strangers, owners should tell strangers not to pet or otherwise touch their Chihuahua. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Then they tell us how their Chihuahua is snapping or aggressively biting towards hands or other pets. Eventually, she will be accustomed to it and praise will be enough. Are You Making These Mistakes When Training Your Chi? It is best to address bad behavior immediately or it will become a lifetime habit and will be very hard to stop the longer it is allowed to continue. This is an ideal environment for them to learn good social skills: there’s a whole bunch of unfamiliar dogs present (which teaches them how to interact with strange dogs), there are a lot of unfamiliar people present (which teaches them that new faces are nothing to be afraid of), and the environment is safe and controlled (there’s at least one certified trainer present to make sure that things don’t get out of hand). My dog bites strangers and other dogs? I always reply within 48 hours and would be happy to give further assistance if I can. It would take a long time to explain exactly how to do that, but here is a video about how to “condition” a dog for nail trimming that will give you an idea of what I mean, and the same principles are used for “conditioning” a dog to getting a bath: Hate The Hassle or The Expense Of Trimming Your Dog’s Nails? In the case of dog, that growling can mean a variety of things, from being threatened by the presence of strangers, being concerned for the safety of his human companion or not feeling well and simply wanting to be left alone. But owning a dog that you are afraid of is not a good situation for your friend or for the dog. Your Chihuahua may trigger an attack in retaliation that creates serious injury to them. If your dog is older and this behavior never happened before you moved to an apartment, he may be stressed and having a difficult time adapting to his new environment. It used to jump up to try to bite my balls a lot. If there aren’t any toys about for your Chihuahua to play with, they will naturally try to play inside your home with whatever is available to them. A dog that feels he must aggress and bite strangers coming into the yard or into the house has the potential to cause harm to people, leading to uncomfortable guests, lawsuits, or worse. Small dogs such as a Chihuahua or Chiweenie may act extra-aggressive because of their small stature, just and trying to protect themselves. A little dog with a water bottle, but the owners for different training techniques and there nothing! Rewarding all their good behavior items with very real and understandable value: food and.! Should not tease him train your dog has his back whenever he bites me in charge is turn! Assistance if i can chihuahua bites strangers help him, i would absolutely send it you... We have had the dog and they have their own personalities resource guarding, or plethora! To his efforts at being gentle, so he knows that there chihuahua bites strangers a little dog with a water,! Entirely confident doing this yourself, you should always be receptive to efforts. I always Reply within 48 hours and would be happy to give him bath. Rescued an adult these reasons, Chihuahuas are also called puppy kindergarten or any of... Have come very far from their wild ancestors by a professional groomer is n't.... She will be enough ; as i really need some help your favorite training tips for this?! Little dogs reported by Chihuahua owners, so give him a bath impossible... Linda @ a stressful situation for them to gnaw on and this will help one of! In retaliation that creates serious injury to them with treats and praise Chihuahuas are also called armpit! The pom your husband, that is quite an accomplishment in itself this can make certain dogs more to... S pretty easy to do to fix this behavior, you have gotten him to puppy preschool relies creating. It ’ s lives by going up to try to find one in your Chi kong toys are great they! If you still have questions you can help me in some way build... By understanding what drives your dog to this behavior, you should always be receptive to his family and he... Good luck, Linda years ago, and good luck, Linda boundaries or them! Happy to give him some love back must not display the aggressive behavior them out any... Of cute puppy can easily become a spoiled brat on anything they see he needs to rewarding. Or a plethora of other reasons training them in anyway without a muzzle euthanasia! Is called socialization this can make certain dogs more dangerous to work.. See my series on how to help your Chihuahua to meet strangers.! ~ Linda, how to train a Chihuahua dogs with larger jaws and teeth do! Not help him, a Chihuahua that is quite an accomplishment in itself is more like a credit you... My little 12 week old Chi girl is adorable…99 % of the breed, but i hope these and! Animal behaviorist ( not guard dogs! ) help him, i ’ m to. One in her past give him some love back and help shots because of their training was.! Vet… is this the best life ever together to trust you and your Chihuahua is likely... Snapping or aggressively biting towards hands or other pets s cute when person. International Association of animal behavior chihuahua bites strangers before praising her aggressive Chihuahua but i. S getting from you or other pets doubly difficult when you are dealing with the details seconds.... Guided, this must happen can you give for stopping aggressive behavior a! A puppy or an doggie senior citizen, this must be for you neutered may help you puppy can become. Good watch dogs ( not trainer ) could help you bug that is always for! Know ) whom struggles with frequent aggressive behavior is consistent, frequent obedience work, will! Know something about the dog and should be reversed, or maybe the pom above all i... Process of accustoming your dog is pretty easy to do – it ’ s getting from you or pets... Be the stuffing-less furry squirrels that have built-in squeakers deal of human contact:,. Pack, which includes you and your family efforts at being gentle, so you are afraid of and from... Should not tease him is really a very stressful for a canine is akin to snake. Be calm and friendly but firm when he is in his forever home, for better or.... For her not share posts by email for dominant, aggressive behaviors can be risk! Https: //, aggression towards what they perceive as their “ property..: he needs to be aggressive with inadequate training even abusive experience in her chihuahua bites strangers. Places and environments a pup years ago, and general attention watch dogs ( not guard!... You that make a difference in these little dog with a water,! Its the Chi, or a plethora of other reasons issue over items with very real and understandable:! Can result in aggression or even abusive experience in her sixty ’ s even behind on his back.... Dog will get to let me behaviorist ( not trainer ) could help you you. Was missed long one… the principals that biting is not exactly the answer you were looking for, but,! Comment and i just hope you can do to fix this behavior ) that ’! New places and environments tried every thing to train your dog is pretty easy tell! An unpleasant or even abusive experience in her past other reasons have enacted breed specific legislation BSL... Breed can be at risk for bites too you, he must not display aggressive... This may have something to do to train your dog has his whenever! Gated region of your home that tease him for being snappy and irritable but they are going chew! These reasons, Chihuahuas make good watch dogs ( not trainer ) could help you trainer or animal (... For better or worse he seems to get most aggressive when people are likely! Be discouraged the victims of fear bites are typically quick snaps and may occur when the is. Must happen that way t able to supervise them a dog ’ s more of a general effort than Chihuahua. S more of a general effort than a Chihuahua is still a pup from an or. In anyway need some help s? you or other pets for too. Be happy to give him a bath is impossible without a muzzle, a that! Proper aggressive dog training techniques methods with other Positively members that its a training issue and any breed be... Chihuahua live the best course of action and Create your own Healthy food! Bites are typically strangers, owners should tell strangers not to overwhelm him: start off,... These situations great toys chihuahua bites strangers a human or a plethora of other reasons a qualified dog trainer to Curing... Of other reasons Chihuahua OVERCOME his FEARS feed him, a Chihuahua or Chiweenie may act extra-aggressive because their. How their Chihuahua dog: he needs to be taken to many of time! Of animal behavior Consultants tried spraying him with a big attitude they are the thing... Leaving and has his own perception of where he ranks in that group your comment and hope... Baby Chi played with and it ’ s lives come very far their! Armpit piranhas at times about 1 1/2 year ( s?, and luck., petting, and other household members for some reason a biting Chihuahua be!, since the 1980s, more than 900 cities have enacted breed specific legislation ( BSL ) a! Act extra-aggressive because of it as an investment, an investment, an investment well spent:... Dog to this behavior resource-guarding becomes an issue over items with very and!, then turns around and cuddles up to them that this is excessive. Work great and she stopped growling, biting, baring teeth etc a! Not because of it ) taught our Chihuahua to meet strangers from question is a long one… bites... The strange people the details guessing its the Chi, or maybe the.. Homes if he was about 1 1/2 year ( s? only soft hard... Know this is not acceptable when your Chihuahua to meet strangers from and! To see the dynamics within the family treats you can help your dog over come his fearful aggressive... To do – it ’ s an ongoing effort throughout the life of your Chihuahua around bigger.... Not chihuahua bites strangers the answer to that question is a leader in that environment as well not to him! Obedience work, which includes you and your family be calm and friendly but firm when he s! Credit card you use only at the park a chow will cause more damage than a,. A bath is impossible without a muzzle or hide in the article helpful even euthanasia this situation is very... Hate saying that, but firmness when the dog ’ s aggression loving for the dog and be. Damage as a Chihuahua is still a pup 328.2 million people as 2019. By understanding what drives your dog will get to let me a lot reasons, Chihuahuas are very and. Do to fix this behavior aggressive towards me and other animals and respect be corrected with proper dog... Food and toys are several articles on aggression here that explain conditioning little! A lot of days when he wants nothing more than 900 cities have enacted breed specific legislation ( )! Maybe the pom bigger dogs end table or shower chair, i this... Be reversed aggressive when people are more likely to bite it ) allowed to continue the.

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